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If you lose your user ID or you have any queries regarding the Turvasiru.fi website, please contact us at: info(*)turvasiru.fi


Losing a pet, whether it runs away, gets lost or is stolen, is a nightmare to pet owners. Losing their owner is similarly hard on the pet. Turvasiru (Security Chip) online service helps owners and pets find each other, around the clock, every day of the year. Turvasiru will bring your lost friend back!

The pet’s safety is improved immensely by providing it with a microchip and uploading its information to Turvasiru’s online service. If a pet signed up for the Turvasiru service is lost, once the animal is relocated the animal protection services can immediately find out the owner’s information from the pet's ID number and get in contact with the owner. The service is available online 24/7.

With the help of the Turvasiru security chip, lost animal can find its way back home, bringing what may have started out being an exciting adventure for the pet to a happy conclusion.

Turvasiru.fi is 100% made in Finland. Our aim is to be one of the leading organisations for improving animal security.

Keep your contact information up to date on the Turvasiru.fi service

Those signed up for the Turvasiru service are provided with a personal user ID and password, enabling users to check and modify their contact information online any time.

You may enrol in the system as follows: Purchase an activation code from our online store, and enter the code via turvasiru.fi. The animal’s information is entered via an online form, and a user ID is created.

If you experience any problems signing up, please list the following information in your contact e-mail: microchip number, pet's name and owner's information. This enables us to speed up the service and act immediately. Please contact us at: infoturvasiru.fi

Check here if your pet's chip number is on our database

How can I sign up my pet’s chip for the Turvasiru system?

How can I register a cat? How can I register a dog?

You can sign up for the Turvasiru service by purchasing a activation code at our ONLINE STORE

The registration fee is €20 / pet. By purchasing the activation code you are supporting animal welfare.

Once you have paid for the purchase and received the activation codes via e-mail, you will be able to log into the Turvasiru service.

You can enter the pet’s information into the Turvasiru system by entering the activation code.

Enter the identification and checksum received via e-mail: CLICK HERE

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